How To Get Commercial Document Attestation Services In India

A fundamental requirement of any company enterprise is commercial documents. There are many different kinds of commercial documents that are issued for things like shipping paperwork, trade finance documents, export and import documentation, and more. Document attestation is now essential due to the rise in entrepreneurs around the globe and the globalization of business.

What is Attestation

Here are some situations where legalizing papers is necessary. This procedure is known as document attestation. The Ministry of External Affairs in India oversees the procedure from a central location. (MEA). The types of shipping papers and transport documents, as well as other commercial or trade documents, are attested for various reasons. 

Commercial document Attestation services in India are required when conducting business-related activities abroad, including some business visa applications. It might be necessary for a variety of causes, including partnering with another business or selling the organization, starting a brand-new company abroad, expanding an existing one, etc.

Types of Commercial Documents 

Based on their use in international commerce, commercial documents are divided into four categories. They fall into the following categories:

Type 1: Documents that require attestation for opening a branch or expanding your company internationally fall into this category if you have these plans. The company-related papers attest to the legitimacy of the business and its specifics, including its type, the goods or services it offers, its owners and partners, and other relevant information. The following list includes a few of the documents:

  • Memorandum Of Association
  • Article of Association
  • Company Profile
  • Incorporation Letter/Company Incorporation
  • Board Resolution


Type 2: When your company is involved in production and manufacturing, and you want to export or even import goods internationally, these documents will need to be attested. It is done so that you have a genuine relationship with the business or organization you are transacting with. The following list includes some of the papers that require attestation:

  • Bill Invoices
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Import Licence
  • Letter of Credit


Type 3: At the time of visa recommendations, these documents are given by the appropriate authorities. They may be granted for a variety of purposes, including inviting foreigners to conferences and meetings, completing certification procedures at the request of the embassy, and applying for visas to travel overseas on business. These documents pass through the Chamber of Commerce, a body established by regional business people to promote the interests of their enterprises.

  • Invitation Letter 
  • Authority Letter
  • Chamber of Commerce Certificate


Type 4:  This group includes the paperwork needed when another individual transacts business on behalf of the party in question. The papers require attestation because it confirms both the individual’s and the document’s veracity. The individual could be a close cousin, a shareholder, or any reliable friend. The following is a list of some of the papers that require attestation:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Shareholder Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements


When expanding your business internationally, there are additional minor papers like financial and regulatory documents that must be submitted along with these major ones. Commercial document attestation is a delicate task that necessitates the vendor’s comprehensive understanding of the procedure. The papers cannot be tampered with because they are legitimate. Before requesting embassy attestation, the Chamber of Commerce and MEA employees’ stamp and signatures must be obtained. 

Attestation procedure in India

Governmental levels must authenticate papers before they can be processed for business. It entails having the documents that must be submitted during your business deal stamped and signed. The following is the step-by-step process for certificate attestation of business documents:

Chamber of Commerce Attestation: Before the MEA attestation, your documents must first be verified by the Chamber of Commerce (CoC), a neighborhood business organization. The relevant officials’ stamps and signatures are acquired as needed.

MEA Attestation: The MEA, an arm of the federal government responsible for overseeing foreign affairs, will offer the attestation stamp and signature following the specifications.

Embassy Attestation: On behalf of the country you are getting the attestation for, the Embassy attests to and verifies the papers. Except for the Gulf nations, the consulate attestation completes the legalization process. For these nations, there is an extra procedure known as the MOFA attestation.


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